04. 06. 2012

Kronen Zeitung (Andrea Hein)

Synart Tanzenberg: Schubert-marathon with doves in the beginning and keyboard artistry in the end

And they flew into the blue distance

Synart Tanzenberg : An incomparable event – the cultural initiative of the local high school and its director Ernst Sigot is always good for adventurous ideas in order to interest people of any age in the arts. On Saturday, more than seven hours were dedicated to Schubert – according to Brahms, the “most friendly among the Titans, but also one of the most terrible, with whom one can never be finished.”

It also seemed as if one might never be finished in Tanzenberg the day before yesterday: at the first sounds, homing pigeons flew off into the blue distance of a perfect day, while the 170 performers - true to the event's motto - gathered "From the Blue Distance".

So much had been rehearsed, experimented with and combined in order to bring this musical Titan to life in the Renaissance Courtyard, the Church and the Auditorium - some of it in dubious variety. Ambitious 10-year-olds performed side by side with super-professionals - from Janez Gregoric to Christ Pichler to Martin Schwab and Christoph W. Bauer.

The grandiose finale was provided by the exceptional pianist Anika Vavic, who took off into the blue distance with a brilliant and intense interpretation of the Sonata in B-flat major. Despite the late hour, there was lengthy applause and even an encore.

Translation: Alexa Nieschlag 

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