14. 03. 2014

Münchner Merkur (Anita Svach)

An exhilarating spring - Paavo Järvi conducted The Munich Philharmonics

[...] But then Alexander Scriabin's piano concerto in F sharp minor was all the more lyrical for it, particularly under Anika Vavic's nimble fingers.

The pianist made Scriabin's fascinatingly colourful music shine in all its hues. She dreamily retraces all those fine passages and themes in the first movement, whilst energetically and like on an emotional high retracing the dotted motive of the finale. But the stealthy climax is actually the graceful second movement: In four variations the song-like theme, which Scriabin had allegedly already written at the age of eleven, is sometimes modified with tenderness and other times it is deep and sinister; a fantastic piece that seems to surge from Anika Vavic. She becomes one with the piano and the music. 

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